Site Survey



During the site survey, the Installer will determine suitable Leak Detector and Gateway install locations at the property. The Installer will be given a test kit containing Gateways(s) and Leak Detector(s) to test the signal strength at various corners of the building. Instructions for testing will be provided in the test kit.

1) The Installer with the help of the Building Manager, will determine the areas of installation for the Leak Detectors and indicate those on the building floor plan and Pre-Provisioning spreadsheet (PSS).


2) For multi-floor buildings, Gateways are typically deployed on alternate floors. For example, if the first Gateway is deployed on Floor 1, the next would be Floor 3, Floor 5, and so on. A single Gateway should be allocated per floor and more may be added if coverage is determined to be poor in testing. The Installer will indicate gateway placements on the building floor plan and PSS.

3) Information from the site survey, along with the floor plans and PSS will be entered into the Site Survey Form by the Installer.


4) Using the information in the Site Survey form, all devices to be installed shall be provisioned by Guardian Property System prior to the deployment/installation.



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