Naming Devices on the Dashboard



Guardian Property System will assign a location (i.e name) to every Leak Detector during the provisioning process. The Installer or customer will have to name any extra Leak Detectors or Gateways that have not been pre-provisioned according to the below naming convention

Leak detectors should be named as follows:

“Floor X - Room Name Room # - 1 PIN”. 

For example, a leak detector on the second floor in Boiler room 4 with device PIN EADC  will be named “Floor 2 - Boiler Room #4 EADC” 

If multiple leak detectors in the same room, the room number will be followed by a Leak Detector# which is assigned in a clockwise fashion around the room.

For example,  “Floor2 - Boiler Room #4 - 3 EADC” 


Gateways should be named as follows:

“Floor X - Gateway”

For example,  “Floor7 - Gateway”

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