Installation Overview



The installation process consists of provisioning and deployment of devices. Guardian Property System (GPS) will provision the devices and then the Installer will deploy them on site. Deployment is performed by a trained Installer, though in some scenarios, such as the installation of additional Leak Detectors, provisioning and deployment may be performed by the end-customer.

An Installer is recommended for all of the following situations:

  • Multi-floor buildings
  • Buildings with reinforced concrete walls, or walls that block electromagnetic radiation
  • No or unknown Internet access at the installation site

Typically, the on-site deployment process is expected to be a 1-day operation but may be extended depending on the size of the site and/or the number of devices to be deployed. A site survey is performed prior to the deployment by the Installer to determine the placement of Gateways and Leak Detectors. Using the information in the Site Survey form, all devices to be installed shall be provisioned by GPS prior to the deployment/installation.

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