Deployment of Devices



If devices are to be deployed by the Installer, Elexa/GPS will generate a primary Dashboard account for the Customer, ahead of deployment, using the email address of the Building Engineer or other designated person and configure it for the property. This account will be shared with the Installer. The Installer will need account access in case a device is placed in a location different from that determined during the site survey and to verify device connectivity.

Once the deployment of pre-provisioned devices has been completed by the Installer, the Installer will verify connectivity of all devices on the dashboard and then the account will be handed off to the Customer who can reset the account password as desired. In case a device is placed in a location different from that determined during the site survey, the installer will need to re-name the device on the Dashboard by logging into the customer’s account. 


Required Personnel


 Affiliation  Responsibilities
 Installer  Guardian Property System
 Building   Engineer/Manager  Customer
  • Facilitates fulfillment of Installer needs
  • Provide security access
  • Provide property tour
  • Identify known problem areas


Required Materials 



 Isopropyl alcohol surface preparation pads


 1 box

 Assortment of zip ties



 Dual-lock reclosable fastener, 1-inch width


 10 ft

 Blank device location labels



 4mm cable clips (adhesive-backing preferred)


 Various hand tools:
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer

 Android / iOS tablet or a Mac / Windows laptop***



*** Will not be provided by GPS

Deploying Gateways

To deploy a Gateway in the desired location indicated by the product label, insert the sim card, install the antenna, and power the Gateway. Allow 2-5 minutes for it to sync with the network and verify all status lights are GREEN. After synchronization, mount the device in its final place indicated on the device label, taking care to be tidy with wiring. Navigate to the Gateway on the Dashboard and ensure RSSI (signal strength) is ≥ -100 dB. If the strength is not  ≥ -100 dB, then consider repositioning.

Gateways need to be deployed before Leak Detectors.


Deploying Leak Detectors

Leak Detector deployment is largely dependent on the identified problem areas during the site survey. Assuming all Leak Detectors have been properly provisioned, they are ready to be installed at their final locations. The Installer shall complete this task while paying very close attention to proper placement location on the device label.


When deploying the Leak Detector, the Installer must:

  1. WAKE the Leak Detector by using the activating tool or a damp paper towel on the top sensor.
    1. It will wake into JOIN mode (repeat LED flashing)
  2. Allow a few moments for handshake with a Gateway
  3. Verify proper JOIN (2 beeps, followed by the LED turning OFF)
    1. If the Leak Detector is not accepted into the network within 5 minutes, it will enter SLEEP mode. Wake the device again to trigger a new JOIN attempt
  4. Place the device in the location denoted by the label. Navigate to the Leak Detector on the web portal and ensure RSSI (signal strength) is ≥ -100 dB. If the strength is not  ≥ -100 dB, then consider repositioning the Leak Detector or adding an additional gateway nearby.
  5. Leak Detector deployment complete. 


After deployment of devices,  the Install should complete and submit the Work Order form

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